A range of ways to access our health services

More and more services can be accessed online
More and more services can be accessed online
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Over 90 per cent of practices in South Lincolnshire CCG area already have more than 10 per cent of their patients registered for patient online services (14 of the 15 practices have achieved this).

This makes them the highest performing CCG in the Central Midlands region.

Patient Online is an NHS England programme designed to support GP practices to offer and promote online services to patients, including:

• Access to coded information in records;

• Appointment booking and

ordering of repeat prescriptions.

Digital technology allows patients to access services from their own home, much in the way that technology is already impacting on our day to day life, including online banking or shopping. It can make services more convenient, personal and efficient.

We are delighted to be the highest performing CCG in the Central Midlands region for patient online services.

Being a rural county, as Lincolnshire is, is it important that we offer patients a range of ways to access their services including being able to book an appointment or order prescriptions from their own home.

This freedom allows patients greater choice and ways to access healthcare. We are always keen to explore new ways of working and are committed to providing high quality healthcare using a range of technology to help our patients receive care close to home.

Many GP practices already offer online services, including appointment booking, ordering of repeat prescriptions, and access to summary information in records.

GP practices will increasingly expand online services over the next year. By the end of next month, online patient records should include coded information on medication, allergies, illnesses, immunisations and test results.

Online services will be offered in addition to the traditional telephone and face-to-face means of interacting with a GP practice.