HEALTH: Treated with courtesy and reassurance

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Much has been written about the local GP surgeries and the Pilgrim Hospital.

On Sunday morning I had a mini stroke (TIA) – on the Monday morning I rang my GP surgery at Littlebury Medical Centre, Holbeach and was seen by a GP at 11.40am. By 1.45pm I had had a call from Heather at the Pilgrim Hospital with an appointment for Tuesday.

That has resulted in a Doppler scan and a very thorough examination by an East European doctor who spoke perfect English.

I am now waiting for a date for a CT Scan which I am told will arrive in the next two days.

As an 84-year-old widow it was a frightening experience but I have been treated with professional courtesy and reassurance both at the surgery and the hospital. Well done Littlebury and the Pilgrim and a very big thank you.

Sheila M Lomas