HEALTH: Join us in fight to save the NHS

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I will wager that you and most of your readers were born in the NHS and continue to be cared for and kept alive by it, yet it’s quite clear that not enough people are grasping the seriousness of what is happening.

The NHS is not in crisis because of what we are told by the main parties, it is in crisis because of the systematic corruption of our so-called leaders.

We all need the NHS at our best and worst in life

Only recently we saw Malcolm Rifkind MP has profited from awarding contracts to one of his own companies.

Politicians have ignored the doctors and nurses on the frontline while awarding themselves huge pay rises and turned their back on the principle of a NHS owned by all of us that works to save lives, not make money.

The Hippocratic oath is being erased by those same dark forces who hunger and profit for war abroad while waging war on the weak and the poor at home.

I have lived for several years under an American health insurance plan; while I was fortunate that my employers paid for most of this, trust me when I say you do not want this here.

Nobody of sound mind wants this here. Only those who benefit.

We all need the NHS at our best and worst in life. We built the best healthcare system in the world and it belongs to all of us and we should not be ignoring this or rolling over.

I have been called a “parasite”, and the NHS referred to as “death panels” by its critics but I see little positivity in fusing public health and satisfying shareholders.

Privatisation hasn’t worked with energy companies and it hasn’t worked with the railways.

We need to remind politicians that they work for us, and for them to know they’re being watched by millions of us who’ll fight to protect our NHS.

I have been taking to the streets for the NHS with and will continue to do so. I urge your readers to join us at future events.

Nick Pitman

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