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READERS LETTERS: His defence was a clear sweep

His brilliant defence was a clear sweep

It is rare indeed in this day and age to read an article, especially from a politician, which is simultaneously powerful and reasonable; poetic and pragmatic.

Yet Sir John Hayes’ brilliant defence of two incredibly important foundations of any good society – parenthood and freedom of expression – was a clean sweep.

This week's cartoon
This week's cartoon

It is scary to consider how rapidly wisdom and thought – fashioned by the sacrifices of our forefathers over generations – is being ‘cancelled’ by a small but powerfully connected minority of ideologically-motivated activists and spiteful social media is their tool.

Sir John’s comments about language really got me thinking; and its importance cannot be underestimated. Words are necessary for speech, but they are also the currency of thought. If we can no longer articulate certain ideas, it will not be long before we are incapable of forming them in our minds.

Charlotte Ewing

via email

Her letter was full of disinformation

I have to correct more disinformation from Anna Maxey (Letters, February 16).

The referendum result was a 52/48 split in 2016 but as the EU continued to negotiate in bad faith, support for Brexit continued to grow .

In 2019, I was amazed by the number of remain voters who approached me to say that they had switched to restore trust in democracy .

This massive increase in support for Leaving the EU was reflected at the 2019 European and General Elections.

The more the EU tried to bully Britain the more determined we were to Leave, delivering Boris a thumping 80 seat majority. This granted him the democratic mandate required to do whatever was necessary to extricate GB from the EU.

Moving on, I did not use the opening ‘Reactionary narrow views are damaging’ – that is the headline applied by the Editor. I started my letter: “Anna got herself into such a spin over my letter I can only assume she did not read it properly”.

Your next sentence only proved my point. I said: Why did Boris succeed where others failed? Because, as Alexander Von Schoenburg, editor of the German newspaper Bild, wrote: “The man the continent should be thanking is Boris Johnson who has made world history”... the inverted speech marks continued showing that they were Schoenburg’s words.

Regarding her COVID disinformation, I have checked her letter again and it is does not refer to Europe specifically. Clearly, not only has she not read my letter, but also her own in print.

Even then, the statement from Anna is more lies.
Gibraltar, San Marino, Italy, Belgium, Slovenia and Bosnia all had higher deaths rates per 100,000 than the UK at the time of her writing.

Finally, the Irish border issue has been weaponised by the EU. Just a few weeks ago the EU was forced to perform a humiliating U-turn after planning to impose a hard border, despite banging on about avoiding one for four years. The Eurocrats did not even bother to consult with any of the parties that would have been affected – the negotiating in bad faith, the vaccine hissy fits and Irish border incident all completely vindicate the Vote to Leave the EU.

Craig Jackson

Vote Leave Coordinator, South Holland & The Deepings

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