Hayes sets out his stall for the next five years

John Hayes with victorious Conservative candidates at Friday's district election count.
John Hayes with victorious Conservative candidates at Friday's district election count.
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Victorious South Holland and the Deepings MP John Hayes has unveiled a list of pledges for voters - now set in stone by the Lincolnshire Free Press.

Just like ex-Labour leader Ed Miliband’s “six pledges for working people”, branded the “heaviest suicide note in history” by critics after his party’s general election defeat on Thursday, Mr Hayes has set out his commitments for constituents over the next five years.

But unlike Mr Miliband, Mr Hayes can turn his words into actions after winning his South Holland and The Deepings seat for a fifth consecutive time, with 59.3 per cent of the vote.

Mr Hayes’ pledges include blocking plans for any new off-licences, kicking “persistent criminals” from non-UK countries out of Britain, opposing planning applications for solar farms and wind turbines, taking a “zero-tolerance” 
approach to low-level crime and widening the ban on street drinking in Spalding.

“It was very humbling to have been elected for the fifth time to represent the people I live and work amongst and I feel a deep sense of responsibility to live up to the trust put in me,” Mr Hayes said.

“We have a lot of challenges which include making sure that public services, such as the excellent Johnson Community Hospital (Pinchbeck) are in a good state, saving Deepings Library, which I’ve been fighting for for some time, and getting St James Deeping signal box rebuilt.”

But the most eye-catching of Mr Hayes’ pledges follow on from a hustings event hosted by the Free Press and our sister newspaper, the Spalding Guardian, at South Holland, Spalding, two weeks before the general election.

Among the issues raised by the 200-plus audience were immigration, street drinking and hospital car parking charges, as well as future planning, education and energy policies for the area.

Mr Hayes said: “I don’t want to see any further wind turbines in our area, something I’ve fought against, and the proliferation of solar developments on open fields which should be used for growing crops.

“In more general terms, I want to work with South Holland District Council to continue its excellent campaign to keep the area clean and well-looked after, that every shop front is excellent and that we don’t want any more ugly buildings erected in this area.

“I’m keen to ensure that we don’t have a proliferation of licensed premises in the area and that’s about working with the police and local government, as well as central government.

“We’ve clamped down on street drinking but I feel we can go further still by extending the area within which alcohol is prohibited.

“There should also be 
zero tolerance on anti-social behaviour, making sure that our towns look as they should and are welcoming for all types of people.”

Mr Hayes also vowed to improve the A16 and A17 and work with the police and Home Office to send non-UK nationals home who commit crime repeatedly in South Holland and the Deepings.

“We need to make sure that deportation is the norm for people from outside the UK who are persistent offenders,” Mr Hayes said.

“My principal objective is to be a good constituency MP and that’s what I’ve wanted to be ever since I was first elected.”