Hayes in the House – MP John Hayes writes about abortion

MP John Hayes.
MP John Hayes.
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In other words – as we owe the generation that came before us a debt, we owe the generation that follows us a responsibility.

So, what of our care for the children to come? With almost 200,000 unborn babies killed each year, the current abortion law is a morally vacuous mess. It even allows sex selective abortions – on spurious medical grounds – and the termination of pregnancies at a stage where a child would survive premature birth. It is appalling that some parents choose to kill their unborn child, just on the grounds that it’s a girl.

That’s why my friend and colleague Fiona Bruce MP has been at the forefront of a movement, supported across the House of Commons, to change the law to explicitly forbid appalling sex selective abortions.

It almost defies comprehension that this practice has been defended on the basis that having a child of a particular gender could be detrimental to the mother’s mental health. The birth of a child is the greatest joy; parenthood the most profound source of fulfilment.

It is unimaginable that the current abortion law would have passed through Parliament in 1967 if MPs had known then where it would lead. Abortion is not a form of birth control, but, in practice, it has become so for some. Most urgently, the law should be changed to stop late abortions. Given advances in medical science, many babies born in the 24th week of pregnancy in fact survive. Yet in 2011 over 2,500 abortions were performed between the 20th and 24th week of pregnancy.

The plight of the unborn affects us all. As Pope Benedict said, unnecessary abortions are a crime of aggression against society as well as against the unborn.