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Hayes in the House: We need to leave - no ifs, no buts...

We must leave the European Union lock, stock and barrel. No ifs, no buts.

It’s almost three years since, along with 17.4 million others, I voted in the referendum to leave - in defence of sovereignty, national identity and independence. As the people of our Kingdom were told then that they were making a once in a lifetime decision, it came as no surprise that the recent Euro elections became a vehicle for frustrated voters to protest.Their voices must now be heard.Parliament has a duty to honour the referendum’s outcome – to do otherwise would be a breach of trust.

MP Sir John Hayes (11229750)
MP Sir John Hayes (11229750)

Given that liberating our nation from the EU’s convoluted, supranational bureaucracy was never going to be easy, when in the coming days a mix of clever dicks and crackpots condemn Theresa May, I will not be joining them.She deserved better than the nefarious games played by those on the continent and in the liberal left establishment here determined to steal Brexit from the people.

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