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Devolution survey ANL-160713-100347001
Devolution survey ANL-160713-100347001
Have your say

South Holland residents are being encouraged to have their say about the possible devolution deal for Greater Lincolnshire.

Ten councils in the area, including South Holand, have been talking to the Government about taking on more powers and resources and have signed a proposed agreement.

They believe devolution could be an important opportunity to improve local services, bring about stronger economic growth and increase the number of jobs.

This ‘devolution’ would mean that more decisions about spending on some public services would be made locally rather than nationally.

Under the deal an additional £450m over the next 30 years (£15m per year) for housing and infrastructure would be provided.

If all ten councils sign up to this, some changes would happen. A ‘mayoral combined authority’ would be established – a board including elected councillors from the ten councils and a representative from the Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership. The authority would be chaired by an elected mayor who would be chosen by the people of Greater Lincolnshire.

A future consideration could be to combine the role of mayor with that of the police and crime commissioner in order to reduce administrative costs.

Now councils want residents to respond to questions and statements in a survey so views can be considered.

Before completing the survey, people are being encourage to read the devolution agreement.

There are also some frequently asked questions that you might find helpful.

Complete the questionnaire by visiting www.sholland.gov.uk

Hard copy consultation forms and the supporting documents are also available to view/complete at council-run venues across Lincolnshire.