Have your say on crematorium

Have your say

SURFLEET Parish Council is lodging an official objection to a new crematorium planned for the village’s Gosberton Road.

The council will hold a special meeting at 7pm on Monday at the Fraiser Room so the public can listen to a presentation by South Lincolnshire Crematorium Ltd – and get comments to the planning authority, South Holland District Council, in time for Tuesday’s deadline.

Around a dozen objectors aired their views on Tuesday night in the public forum held prior to the parish council meeting.

Residents said the A16 bypass had taken traffic out of the village but the crematorium will throw that into reverse and there will be too many cars.

They also say there is no evidence the developers considered any other site, there has been a lack of proper public consultation and the nearest bus stop is too far from the planned development.

One protestor claimed estate agents regard a crematorium as a ‘factory’ and when it comes to selling homes, values will be hit.

Parish council chairman Glynn Waltham immediately offered to call a public meeting.

Later – at the council’s own meeting – members agreed to lodge the council’s objection straight away with the planning authority and add further points following Monday’s public meeting.

Coun Waltham said the proposed site is Grade 1 agricultural land, the plan will generate far too much traffic and the crematorium is certain to expand beyond what is currently planned.

Vice-chairman Coun Mary Hurst said the developers had made great play of there being no emissions from the crematorium.

She said: “We all heard that when the power station was going up and we have all seen the yellow emissions from it.”

nThe vicar of Spalding, the Rev John Bennett, says it would be a great kindness to bereaved families to have a crematorium in or around Spalding but has no preferred site in mind.

nCrowland Parish Council planning committee is looking at opening a green burial site as well as extending its traditional graveyard.