Have you seen Mr Tickle running in Spalding?

Robert Green (AKA Mr Tickle) with sons Dylan and Riley.
Robert Green (AKA Mr Tickle) with sons Dylan and Riley.
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Mr Tickle has been spotted running around Spalding in an effort to raise thousands for Children with Cancer UK.

Robert Green, of Pennygate, had cancer when he was just 11-years-old and is trying to prove to himself that he can overcome more than the disease.

He has taken on a mammoth challenge to raise £2,000 through running eight half marathons, a number of 10ks as well as four games of golf in one day and 24-hours of darts and quizzes.

After beginning his running career in January of this year, Robert runs at least five miles a day in a Mr Tickle costume.

Robert, said: “I started running in January and have done a few charity runs before but nothing this big. I’m now running next year’s London Marathon for Children with Cancer UK.

“I’m running in a Mr Tickle costume that was sent out to me. Children with Cancer UK are the official charity partner with Mr Men. Someone else has Mr Bump, and Miss Sunshine.

But even though Robert can finish a 10k race now and feel fine the next day, his running journey has not always been easy.

He continued: “Because of my weight it was hard. I get pains in my knees and my trainer told me I was too big to run on the road. I lost six stone and it has got a lot easier.

“As the months went on I knocked 35 minutes off my best time for a half marathon which is a big chunk in one race.

“I do them now and I can still walk the next day whilst originally I’ve been crippled. “

Robert needs to raise at least £2,000 in order to take part in 2018’s London marathon, and though £500 has so far been raised, there is a concern the target will not be reached.

He added: “It’s always the worry about raising the funds.

“So far I’ve done four games of golf in one day starting at 5am and finishing at 6pm for a total of 22 miles. I’m also doing the Mablethorpe 10K and the Peterborough half marathon.

“I’m struggling to raise funds becasue there’s not enough support even though when I’m running along the road in Spalding I’ve had people pulling over with their kids in the car.

“People hang out of their cars. I was pretty worried about going out in Spalding but I got good comments and it was alright.

“My uncle asked if I was drunk when I thought of the challenges. He said that while I was doing the golf. I was on my second round and my legs were tired from walking 22 miles and hitting the ball.”

• To sponsor Robert visit http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-web/fundraiser/showFundraiserProfilePage.action?userUrl=RobertGreenLondonMarathon2018