Have a go in Dragon’s Den in Spalding

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Fancy your chances in the Dragon’s Den or believe you’d make a go of running your own business?

The organisers of Spalding Family Enterprise Day, a fun day for the whole family at Springfields in Spalding in September, are looking for people of all ages to join in Make Your Pitch and the Big Cheese type contests.

Family Enterprise Day is run by Foundations and will be held on September 29. The event aims to promote new business start ups in the area and two ‘dragons’ have already signed up – Steve Acklam and Andy Harsley.

It will be free to attend and there will be lots of activities, games and competitions for the whole family to enjoy, with prizes up for grabs.

As well as the Make Your Pitch and Big Cheese competitions, the organisers are looking for families to sign up to have a go at running their own business on the day, such as car washing, selling cakes or crafts.

Details on 01775 248131.