Harmful power station - YES! Children’s playhouse – NO!!!

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One has to wonder what planet the South Holland District Council planning department and its committee members live on.

In this week’s Lincs Free Press we learn that a child’s playhouse might have to be demolished as it was built without planning permission.

The article further quotes a statement made by Roger Gambba-Jones in which he states “…in the officer’s judgement, the impacts were serious and could not be overcome so the application was refused…”.

This is because a neighbour of the child’s family has objected, while at least 20 others supported them.

This for a child’s playhouse, built in a back garden.

A few weeks ago it was reported that in Spalding the council would welcome a plain shop front wall be decorated so that it is more pleasing to the eye.

Yet for Sutton Bridge, planning officers and the committee consider that three power stations adjacent to each other is alright.

One gas-fired power station is already up and seldom running, frequently emitting obnoxious yellow fumes from its chimneys.

The other two are in the pipeline, and the planners were quite happy to pass the plans for these with few questions asked.

There does not appear to be any consideration given to the impact these three power stations will have on the lives of the thousands of residents in the surrounding area.

What is certain is there will be even more pollution in the area, not just coming from the chimneys of these power stations but also from the increase in the numbers of HGV vehicles on our already busy roads that will be used to service them.

So a child’s plaything might have to go as a few people might be offended by it, while thousands of people, even generations, will have a severe impact on their lives living in the shadows of three power stations.

Eileen Faires

Sutton Bridge