Hare courser was hiding in a ditch

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Court news.
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A hare courser was found hiding in a ditch after police were alerted to four men on land off the old A16 at Deeping St Nicholas in February, a court has been told.

Arthur Gaskin (28), of Villa Lane, Toll Bar, Doncaster admitted daytime trespass in pursuit of game when he appeared at Boston Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

Nick Todd, prosecuting, said police were alerted by numerous reports during the mid afternoon of February 2 that four men were harecoursing on the land at Hop Pole, Deeping St Nicholas.

He said Gaskin was found hiding in a ditch but the others had escaped in a vehicle, leaving him behind.

The court heard Gaskin had a similar conviction in 2015.

Mitigating, Alison Downes said several farmers had attempted to stop the activity and he had been hiding in the ditch because he was was afraid of them.

Gaskin was fined £200 and ordered to pay £115 in costs and charges.