Happy new life for dog abandoned by hare coursers in Deeping St Nicholas

Ruby on the day she was abandoned

A lurcher abandoned by hare coursers in the middle of a field on a cold winter’s day has now been re-homed and is living happily with a family and another dog.

Ruby, as she is now called, was seized following a hare coursing incident at Deeping St Nicholas in February. As she had been abandoned, she was classed as a stray, so police were able to pass her on to a local rescue charity, who re-homed her.

Ruby with her new friend and new home

All dogs seized from hare coursers are cared for in approved kennels while police apply to the courts for forfeiture and re-homing.

Sometimes the dogs have been abandoned when their owners have fled across fields to escape the police. Under those circumstances, they are able to re-home the dogs much more quickly.

Not all the dogs are in as good a condition as Ruby when rescued. A dog that was recently seized needed veterinary care when it was discovered to have a broken jaw and damaged teeth, injuries consistent with being used in badger-baiting.

Chief Superintendent Mark Housley said: “The seizure of dogs is a powerful and proportionate tactic. We believe that this is the single biggest deterrent to those that would visit Lincolnshire for hare coursing. The dog’s welfare is paramount and they are cared for and re-homed through animal charities.”

Ruby on her journey to freedom and happiness

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