Happy Lincolnshire Day!

Reinhard Biehler
Reinhard Biehler
  • Yellowbellies reveal what they love about our fabulous county
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Today, (October 1) is the tenth official day celebrating all things Lincolnshire.

The day was first launched back in 2006, as a way of marking the anniversary of the Lincolnshire Rising – a revolt by the Catholics against the establishment of the Church of England by Henry VIII in 1536.

Lincolnshire Police Insp Jim Tyner loves the county's aviation heritage.

Lincolnshire Police Insp Jim Tyner loves the county's aviation heritage.

It was also established to encourage Yellowbellies, as well as former county residents, to honour other Lincolnshire traditions, history and culture.

There’s no denying Lincolnshire is a special place to live, so by way of celebration we’ve asked some Yellowbellies just what it is they love about Lincolnshire -

* “I love Lincolnshire because it’s green and full of life and history; because everything I need is only ten minutes away and because my friends and family are here,” says Claire Hall, creator of Percy’s Vodka Tea.

* Archaeologist Francis Pryor loves the county because “it has the finest churches anywhere in Britain; we had the money from wool and the open landscapes to show them off. They exude self-confidence!”

Farmer Nicholas Watts loves the diversity of Lincolnshire.

Farmer Nicholas Watts loves the diversity of Lincolnshire.

* South Holland District Council leader Coun Gary Porter loves Lincolnshire because of the people. “They are for the most part welcoming and friendly to anyone who wants to join them, providing they want to make a positive contribution,” he added.

* Holbeach DJ, actor and director Steph Genovese said: “I love Lincolnshire because it has so much to see and do if you look clearly, and it’s also a beautiful part of England that has so much potential.”

* “I love Lincolnshire because it’s my heritage, it’s in my blood. My family have been farming in Lincolnshire since 1650 and throughout the generations, I’ve been taught that food is a precious commodity. I have an unyielding passion for Lincolnshire food,” says Lincolnshire-born chef Rachel Green.

* Baytree Nurseries Garden Centre owner Reinhard Biehler loves Lincolnshire because “after living in the mountains of Germany, the flat open spaces and the welcome I received inspired me to stay. I have now lived in Lincolnshire longer than Germany and am proud to call it home.”

Poet Benjamin Zephaniah loves the county for its history, inspiration and vegetables!

Poet Benjamin Zephaniah loves the county for its history, inspiration and vegetables!

* Lincolnshire County Council chairman Coun William Webb says: “I love Lincolnshire because of its warm and friendly people, its big skies and glorious sunsets.”

* Activ Leisure director Matt Clark loves the county’s wide open skies. He says: “Whilst many may criticise the flat lands and prefer the rolling hills of other parts of the UK, the long stretches of open sky, especially at dusk and dawn can sparsely be enjoyed anywhere else.

“The countryside, mixed with our historic market towns, often leave me wondering why we do not have a more vibrant tourist sector, but I’m hopeful this will improve in years to come.”

* Lincolnshire Police Insp Jim Tyner loves the diversity of the county’s landscape.

He said: “From the beauty of the Fens with 180 degrees of sky; the gentle rolling hills of the Wolds; the historic beauty of Lincoln and Stamford to the sandy beaches of Skegness and Mablethorpe.

“I also love Lincolnshire’s aviation heritage: the Red Arrows and the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight in our skies are our crowning glory. My favourite sound is the deep growl of the Rolls-Royce Merlin engines as the Spitfires fly over.”

* Inventor and Lincolnshire Free Press columnist John Ward said: “I love Lincolnshire because of its people and heritage – as residing in what is basically living history with all the RAF involvement in the area from World War II to the present day. Some might say it’s a plane-spotter’s delight and they would be right!”

* Farmer Nicholas Watts loves Lincolnshire because “there is so much diversity here in wildlife, farming and culture.”

* Friends of Chain Bridge Forge chairman Geoff Taylor loves Lincolnshire because “it’s my home and it’s given me the opportunity to fulfil a dream to celebrate blacksmithing, South Holland’s fantastic history and the opportunity to involve young people in tradition.”

* “I love Lincolnshire because, despite not planning to stay when I moved here 25 years ago, it has proved to be a wonderful, friendly place to bring up a family. The weather is also a pretty good selling point: not too cold and not too wet!” says blogger and Lincolnshire Free Press columnist Trish Burgess.

* Poet Benjamin Zephaniah loves Lincolnshire because “there is space, there is inspiration, there is history, and there are some really great vegetables.”

* Lincolnshire-born historian Dr Tracy Borman, joint chief curator at Royal Historic Palaces and chief executive of Bishop Grosseteste University Lincoln’s Heritage Education Trust, said: “I love Lincolnshire because it is full of hidden historical gems – as well as one that is hard to miss.  Lincoln Cathedral is the finest in Europe – yes I’m biased as it’s my home county! – and I am awe-struck every time I visit.”

* Sutton Bridge councillor Jenny Rowe loves Lincolnshire because “of the wonderful sunsets, the Wash and its environs of which we are only custodians. And we must all do our best to protect these wonderful assets for future generations.”

* Ayscoughfee Hall Museum officer Julia Knight loves Lincolnshire because “there’s so much history and so many hidden gems waiting to be discovered! I’ve only been here eight years, but am really happy to call it home.”

* Rev Steve Weatherly-Barton, chairman of Churches Together in Spalding and District, said: “I love Lincolnshire because within three days of our moving here from Dorset it felt like home; and because the people are warm-hearted, the sausages are sensational, and the skies are incomparably beautiful.”