Happy ending for kitten left out in the cold

Ellie the abandoned kitten
Ellie the abandoned kitten
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A kitten seemingly abandoned at a south Lincolnshire nature reserve will soon be on her way to a loving home.

Just before Christmas, RSPB Frampton Marsh visitor experience manager Dr Chris Andrewswas shortly to leave work for the night when he saw a small grey kitten, mewing outside his van.

Ar Chris went to the office, the kitten followed him and kept mewing outside even after he shut the door. It was still there half an hour later when he went to leave.

Chris left to pick up stuff for the reserve Christmas party that night and asked residential volunteer Ellie to check with the house next to the reserve to see if it was theirs – it wasn’t.

Given the freezing temperature, Gareth the conservation intern missed the party and stayed home to look after the kitten.

Next morning, Ellie went round all the nearby houses but no-one claimed the kitten so it looked like it had been abandoned.

Reserve staff contacted Lincs Ark, a local charity that rehouses cats and other small mammals, and they agreed to take her in.

The vets at Sutteron looked after her until the charity was ready for her but found no microchip.But there was a happy ending as the kitten (which the vets named Ellie, much to human Ellie’s protests!) is now at Lincs Ark and a new family has been lined up for her.