Hands off our bridge

New artwork on Stepping Stones bridge
New artwork on Stepping Stones bridge
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Artwork inspired by a group of primary school pupils is hoped to succeed where many have failed in stopping offensive graffiti on a Spalding Railway bridge.

Pupils of St Norbert’s Catholic School were invited by Network Rail to take part in a competition to come up with ideas for a professionally commissioned work of art to replace the graffiti and make the bridge more “family friendly” – and you are loving the result.

The finishing touches to make artwork vandal-proof were completed on Friday by Network Rail approved artist Peter Barbour, who has been working on similar projects across the country through the company’s Tidy Routes campaign.

He said he had been “overwhelmed by the response” from passers-by while working on the project, having struggled in bad weather and wind to remove unsightly graffiti before he could begin painting.

An official “unveiling” – attended by Network Rail, Mr Barbour and the pupils – is being organised.

Mrs Jenna Withers, assistant headteacher at St Norbert’s, said the school was delighted to have taken part in something that makes such an impact in the community.

She said: “It shows what can happen when the community gets together to create something beautiful. Let’s hope it stays that way.”