Hammer attacks as raids on Spalding shops continue

A hammer was taken to a glass door at Beales Department Store before handbags were stolen.
A hammer was taken to a glass door at Beales Department Store before handbags were stolen.
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Attacks on Spalding town centre stores continued with a vengeance in the early hours of Saturday when a hammer was used to smash glass doors.

Police believe handbags were stolen from Beales Department Store, in Market Place, after a full-length pane of glass was smashed in an automatic door.

Beales sell a range of designer bags from the likes of Kipling, Fiorelli and Radley.

Police haven’t given a value of the goods stolen and Beales haven’t commented on the raid, which happened at 3.15am.

Upmarket independent clothing store Robert Goddard was attacked the same morning when a hammer was swung to smash a bottom corner of the glass doorway to the Vine Street shop.

No entry was gained at Goddard’s or to butchers George Adams and Sons (Retail) Ltd in The Crescent, which also suffered an attempted break-in on Saturday.

Yesterday (Monday) staff and volunteers arrived at the Cancer Research UK shop in Hall Place to find it had been targeted by would-be burglars in an a incident branded as “despicable” by the town’s ShopWatch coordinator Stuart Brotherton.

A week ago, it was the turn of The Lighthouse Project charity shop in Sheep Market, which lost around £100 cash, a TV and clothing.

The Polish Help Centre in Abbey Path was targeted three days previously and, three weeks ago, Sheep Market newsagent Classic News was burgled twice in 24 hours when cigarettes and goods worth more than £3,000 were stolen.

Andy Woodthorpe, manager of Robert Goddard, had an early morning alarm call at 2.30am on Saturday, meeting police soon after the store was hit but was relieved to find nothing had been stolen.

Glass was swept up, the door boarded-up and trade continued as normal.

Mr Woodthorpe was upset to learn a second charity shop had been targeted but said: “I don’t think it really comes into the morals of the person that’s trying to do this. If it’s the same person, I don’t think he’s too worried about what (is broken into) or where.”

ShopWatch chiefly focuses on shoplifting – theft from shops during trading hours – but Mr Brotherton is concerned about the attempted raid a second charity shop.

He said: “I think any person in their own right mind would say this is a shop which exists to fund a charity, which is a fantastic cause, and this incident is despicable.”

Asgar Vanparekh, co-owner of Classic News, is concerned about the raids continuing.

He said: “It’s a really worrying thing because we don’t know what’s going to happen next.”

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