GUARDIAN LETTERS: Alternative for Voters

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As the election approaches we can expect a rather more serious examination of UKIP policies than that managed by the Green contributor on these pages last week.

Naturally we worry about the world our children and grandchildren will inherit, but are strongly opposed to a green agenda that only offers highly spurious theoretical benefits in terms of climate change.

It would certainly bring this country to the point of bankruptcy far quicker than the rate achieved by the Lib/LAB/CON alliance as energy supplies become erratic and their cost goes through the roof.

There is also a human cost as ever spiralling green taxes are added to gas and electric bills.

Last winter more than 30,000 people died (mainly pensioners over 75) as they grappled with the eat or heat conundrum.

For the well-meaning but misguided, the choice is between the Lib Dems and the Greens as they vie for fourth place and try to save their election deposits.

As a serious alternative to Labour and the Tories, UKIP are mounting a comprehensive campaign to win council seats and will offer a highly creditable candidate to dislodge the sitting MP.

Vote UKIP.

John Hayter

UKIP agent for the Deepings

Extension will only add to problems

I am of the same option as Peter Hearth (Guardian, October 23) in hoping the application from Tesco’s Matmore Gate requesting an extension to sell alcohol from 6am until 11pm is refused.

As a resident of Stonegate, I feel there is no demand for this extension.

There are numerous shops in town where alcohol can be purchased at these times.

I believe there has been no thought given for local residents from Tesco who now have to endure a large volume of traffic, rubbish and anti-social behaviour.

So extending opening hours will only increase these problems.

Susan Taylor