GUARDIAN ANGEL: What is a bouncy council?

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Reporters at the Guardian and Free Press were unable to contact UKIP leader Nigel Farage over the county council racism row this week as he was on holiday. Everyone deserves a break but Angel found it amusing that this staunch defender of all things British was not taking in the bracing sea air at Margate or Skengess, but enjoying his holiday in France!

* Giggles erupted at Sutton Bridge Parish Council when an agenda item asked members to allow a “bouncy council” to be put up behind The Curlew Centre for a pre-school nursery fundraising day on Saturday.

Coun Jenny Rowe asked: “Who is the bouncy council? Is that us?”

Clerk Suzanne England explained: “Another senior moment.”

The council agreed a bouncy castle can be there on the day.

* Angel chuckled to herself as she walked to work on Wednesday morning and spotted a woman flapping what looked like her hat at a muscovy duck that was in the middle of High Street in Spalding. The duck was a quick learner and made a hasty retreat to the riverbank.

* A young man inadvertently gave Angel another funny sight as he stretched up to load or unload something from the top of his van in The Crescent in Spalding last week: his belly was sticking out of his tee-shirt at the front and Angel could see far more than she wanted to see over the top of his jeans at the back...

* Angel had a spot of luck after totally blowing the mileage allowance on her brand new purchase lease agreement car while she was on holiday. After owning the vehicle for less than three weeks, the dealer contacted her to ask her to return it. He said: “Nothing to worry about - but we gave you the wrong car. You’ve got the replacement we ordered, so we need it back. But it’s a win, win – because you get the brand new car you bought originally.” Driving away with zero miles on the clock and a full tank of petrol as a bonus, she’s now planning her next trip with the extra miles she’s gained.

* The historic city of Lincoln drew Angel for a bank holiday getaway from her normal watch over Spalding – but she had no idea that hiking boots would be needed.

It was too much to expect our herald about town to avoid a tempting tour of Lincoln Cathedral and right on cue, Angel made the trek from Lincoln central station and along High Street to the dreaming spires of the county’s capital.

But after passing a number of small shops, Angel wished there was a chair lift on hand to take the climb up Steep Hill to the cathedral doors.

How women wearing high heeled shoes manage it, Angel will never know!