GUARDIAN ANGEL: The power of young love

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The latest from our girl about town...

Angel sees a lot out of the office window, and something she observed last week really made her laugh.

Two young men and a very pretty young lady were parting company just outside Guardian Towers, the lads going in one direction and the lass in the other.

But before they parted, one of the lads – obviously the boyfriend – kissed the girl passionately. She then started to leave, but he chased back and kissed her again... and then ran back to his mate to exchange high fives! Trophy girlfriend indeed.

* The editor’s daughter may have broken the world record for the least time being a vegetarian on Sunday. She declared herself anti-meat after gobbling down chicken nuggets at 1.30pm but changed her mind when she smelt roast beef coming from the kitchen at 6pm and promptly ate a good share.

* Talking of the editor, he had a bit of a shock while gardening on Saturday, when his little King Charles Cavalier was sick.

He went over to little Harry to see what the problem was, only for a small frog to jump out of the spaniel’s mouth. Talk about having a frog in your throat!

* A set of yellow and blue traffic cones have popped up along the A17 in Gedney, where the road surfacing work is being carried out.

Angel has no idea if there is any relevance in the colour change and, indeed, there’s plenty of the normal red and white ones around too. Looks nice though.

* Angel phoned Spalding Parish Church Day School on Tuesday and was greeted by one of those “dial 0 for, dial 1 for etc” messages. But this was different from most because it was voiced by a little girl with such a sweet, happy voice that it made Angel smile.