GUARDIAN ANGEL: The latest whims from our girl about town

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She’s the all seeing eye

IT was nearly a case of jacket potatoes at dawn at Rumblings in Spalding on Friday.

In spite of getting there early to avoid the rush now it’s getting a bit nippy, there was just one tempting hot baked spud left.

Angel excitedly put in her order, only to be told by another assistant her customer had already claimed it.

My assistant immediately challenged the customer for telling her he didn’t want it, but the other member of staff wasn’t having any of it.

Thank you to the assistant who tried for Angel – my prawn salad was equally tasty and I shouldn’t be such a wimp for wanting something warm when it’s still only September.

• THE Olympic legacy has certainly made its mark in Spalding’s Sainsbury’s store.

Angel was purchasing some fruit from the supermarket on Monday when a man left the store in rather a hurry, with something concealed under his jacket.

Within seconds three members of staff hot-footed it after him and soon the four figures were just blurs in the distance as the race whizzed towards the railway station.

Angel’s spies tell her, despite the valiant effort of the staff, he evaded capture.

• ANGEL was amused to see, among all the hats, coats and scarves yesterday, a man and his young boy grimly hanging on to what little summer we had. They were strolling through the market place wearing T-shirts, Bermuda shorts and flip-flops, and actually didn’t look that cold.

• ALTHOUGH Angel loves Christmas (obviously!), even she feels it’s a little too early to be thinking about the festive season. She had no choice however when strolling through Beales department store in Spalding on Tuesday she came face-to-face with racks of cards and decorations. She put it out of her mind until she spotted a shelf full of Christmas chocolates and treats in Holbeach’s Tesco store. There really is no avoiding it!

• ANGEL does think there is a strong argument for cycling on pavements rather than roads – as we know from recent tragic events, cycling on the road, particularly as the nights are drawing in, can be a highly dangerous occupation. However, having come very close to being run over by a cyclist on the pavement as she took an evening walk Angel would like to make a plea for courtesy from pavement-riding cyclists. Please don’t cycle close to pedestrians and, in narrow places, either stop and wait or push your bike past passers-by.

• ON THE topic of bikes, Angel has recently returned from a holiday in San Sebastian where cyclists, skateboarders and anyone else on non-motorised wheels had their own dedicated path right along the sea-front. Well done Spain!