Guardian Angel – Royal baby is big news

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More observations from our girl about town...

The news about the royal baby-on-the-way was broken to Angel by a Polish friend who’d just heard it herself and was so excited she had to tell someone. Here’s an exact quote: “Kate is having a baby, she’s so beautiful. I’m not even English but I am thrilled that here we have princes and princesses who are beautiful like Kate. In Poland there is only a president who’s old and ugly and nothing to get excited about...”

*Angel found it rather strange – having put up with road works and road closures at the Pinchbeck Road junction with West Elloe Avenue for months – when she spotted that the road was being dug up again last weekend...

*Angel isn’t sure if anyone has actually said this, but she is really enjoying the new Christmas lights in Spalding town centre. The town looks really pretty and the tulip-themed lights along the river are perfect.

*Suddenly the market stalls in Spalding are selling Christmas wreaths, there’s a chill in the air, talk of snow in other parts of the country, and Christmas is less than three weeks away. Angel will probably be found busily writing Christmas cards this weekend.

*Angel tried out Spalding’s newest restaurant Ghurka Oven (upstairs of what was China 88 in Sheepmarket) with a mate who went trekking in Nepal a few years ago. The atmosphere’s fantastic and the food perfect for this time of year – warming and a heartier version of Indian cuisine. The dhal is to die for. Angel’s friend showed off by saying Hello in Nepalese to the waiter.

*A big thank you to Jim’s Motor Repairs in Spring Gardens, Spalding, for coming to the rescue of one of Angel’s friends. Said friend’s car “died” last Tuesday when the head gasket blew. Gentleman Jim sourced two quotes for repairs, but Angel’s friend decided to quit while she was ahead and send the car off to the scrap heap.

The car was parked on Jim’s forecourt for a couple of days – and he charged not a penny – and he generously allowed use of his office while paperwork was signed with the scrap dealer. And, again free of charge, Jim rang round to find a possible replacement car.

Angel’s friend found her own replacement through Robert Tuxworth’s garage at Spilsby. Robert lent the car for her to try for a couple of days and he was happy to receive a cheque through the post. Priceless!

*One of Angel’s friends was rushing to get to work the other day and ended up being a tad late with the best ever excuse.

She said: “I was waving my arms about and poked my door key stuck up my nose.”

Her nose bled, but she was laughing when she got to work.