GUARDIAN ANGEL: Our girl about town shares her views

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DRIVERS heading for Pinchbeck via the diversion route for roadworks at the junction of Spalding’s Pinchbeck Road and West Elloe Avenue are greeted by two signs as they emerge from Wardentree Lane.

The first points us left for the minor injuries unit with a reminder that it’s not 24 hours. The second – a temporary sign on a yellow background – also points us left and contains a single word “Cemetery”.

Presumably it’s up to motorists to decide how severe is their injury and which one to head for.

• Inconsiderate cyclists really do annoy Angel – dropping off the pavement without looking, running red lights, weaving in and out the traffic to name but a few misdemeanours.

• On Saturday night Angel had her dancing shoes on and was astounded to see a group of revellers dancing in the middle of New Road, Spalding, at midnight – the sight of an oncoming car did little to deter them and it had to stop to allow the friends of said revellers to drag them to safety.

• There is a time and a place for wheelspinning in the dust and the layby near Monkshouse Lane park on a sunny Saturday afternoon when it’s full of children is neither.

• After watching the Olympic 2012 opening ceremony Angel’s daughter now thinks its obligatory to bounce on the bed in hospital once you feel better!

• Angel was extremely disgruntled one afternoon last week when the sun was shining, washing out, windows open, kids playing in the paddling pool and some inconsiderate local resident lit a bonfire with smoke puthering everywhere.

• Angel did her Good Samaritan bit the other day after seeing an elderly woman climb out of her car with her skirt tucked in her knickers. Although the lady was very embarrassed when Angel discreetly tapped her on the shoulder to warn her, she would probably have been far more red-faced if she had discovered it after she had finished her shopping trip.

• The odd criminal dealt with at Spalding Magistrates’ Court ends up doing time. They ought to go by the clock on the outside – it’s been ten minutes fast for weeks.