GUARDIAN ANGEL: Musings from our all-seeing eye

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Angel was whiling away some time looking at postcard ads in Ball’s newsagent in Spalding.

“FOUND” screamed one card. “Young tabby cat”

Angel was momentarily lifted by the hope that this puzzled and frightened feline could quickly be reunited with its worried owner.

“Arrived Christmas Eve”, it said.

n The local ambulance service has received a bit of a bashing from readers lately, but Angel’s colleagues were amazed at their swift response on Tuesday morning.

When a member of the Spalding Guardian staff was taken ill, 999 was called and paramedics arrived within two minutes.

n Well, the covers are finally off the BT exchange building in Spalding – and what a transformation.

You can’t make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear but hats off to the firm for the improvement on something which has been an eyesore at the junction of Winsover Road and Station Street for so long.

Back in June, when staff from our sister paper the Lincolnshire Free Press asked what was happening there, it was passed off as part of regular maintenance and upkeep of the building.

It seems the oft-maligned BT could have missed a trick in blowing its trumpet a little.

n Congratulations to Bakkavor. Not only is the Spalding firm putting on a very reasonably priced fun day in Spalding next Sunday, but its family tickets are for two adults and THREE children.

Being part of a large family, Angel has often been fed-up in the past having to purchase a family ticket for two and two and then having to purchase one extra child’s admission ticket. Well done!

n HAVING just returned from a visit to Whaplode Drove in the interests of the new series of village focuses that will start appearing from next Thursday, Angel was struck at how accessible the village is now that the journey is a case of simply turning off the by-pass and left again – previously it did feel rather like a journey into the unknown. However, the return journey has its trials and tribulations. That staggered junction to join the by-pass again takes some time to navigate safely.

n THERE seems to be a turf war going on at the Draper’s Place car park near the Spalding Guardian offices.

For many months it has been the stronghold of immigrant drinkers, but now, on weekdays before 9am and at lunchtime, a group of secondary school boys and girls have laid claim to it.

Although yesterday, when they went back to lessons, three immigrants quickly reclaimed their spot.

Both groups have one thing in common though... they chuck their empty cans on the floor.