Guardian Angel: Daughter’s link to 1D

News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian,, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian,, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
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Angel has often thought a book could be published on the lovely, funny things children come out with... in fact, she is sure one already must have been.

Take the editor’s little girl the other day, for instance: “Daddy. My friend’s brother’s friend’s cousin’s best friend is Louis from One Direction”. Glad that’s clarified then.

* Christmas songs in the Card Factory and Argos... on Halloween. Wrong, wrong, WRONG.

* Angel’s colleague and her husband decided to pop out for a bite to eat on Sunday night. After polishing off their main courses they decided to share an ice cream sundae in a very tall glass. Imagine their surprise when the waitress brought them two teaspoons to eat it with!

* As Angel was parking her car last week she was annoyed and slightly confused by the two women standing right in the middle of the car park having a chat.

Instead of stepping out of the way, they stood their ground and looked at Angel as if she was the one in the wrong for driving her car in a car park!

* Angel and him indoors were enjoying the sight of fireworks over the rooftops in Spalding on Tuesday evening. They were less impressed when they were woken at 11.30pm by exploding fireworks. Is it really necessary to set them off so late in the evening?

* One of Angel’s colleagues spent a long weekend in Birmingham recently and managed to fit in a trip to the city’s Aston Villa FC club shop. 
But just to show that football’s popularity hasn’t reached everybody, two sisters walked into the shop hoping to buy a Manchester Utd shirt as a present for a friend.

The shop assistant who served them just about managed to control his emotions and not throw them out of the shop in contempt, even though at least two former Villa managers and a host of players have worn the shirt of both clubs.

Talk about a case of mistaken identity.

* Angel left it a little late for the changing of the guard, swapping those frazzled petunias, surfinias etc in her hanging baskets and flower tower for some fresh, brightly coloured winter pansies.

She looked around the town centre DIY stores and supermarkets on Sunday and found only limp, dried out trays of pansies that were way past their best and wondered who had the nerve to leave them out on sale.

Baytree at Weston came to the rescue and the deal worked out cheaper than the market stall price.

* While at Baytree, Angel caught her first glimpse this year of Santa Claus. Only 47 sleeps now until Christmas so it’s time to give him your lists!