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News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian,, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian,, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
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The latest from our girl about town

Visiting one stall on Spalding Market last Saturday was just like being in Amsterdam. As Angel bought locally grown daffs from the trader, she was surrounded by a mass of bright spring flowers looking absolutely wonderful in the sunshine.

* Down the road at Stamford, Angel was resigned to standing outside in the cold with her dog while her friend explored the latest spring ranges in Crew.

Further down the street, she sheltered from the rain in the entrance of White Stuff to catch some of the warm air escaping from inside,

Angel was surprise when an assistant invited her and her dog inside to have a look. The assistant said: “Come in – we are dog friendly in here.”

Neither Angel nor her dog needed asking twice (shops usually mean treats) - and how nice to not only be in the warm but to get the chance for some retail therapy too.

But imagine her surprise when across the street she spotted a poster in the Mountain Warehouse, also welcoming dogs.

Being able to go out with her pet at weekends is a treat, especially when she’s been at work all week, but in a beautiful shopping centre it’s even better. Spalding could learn a lot from this because even the charity shops ban dogs here.

* One of Angel’s reporter friends had her car bonnet open the other day to check her water and oil – and not one but two neighbours popped over to see if everything was okay. One was even offering a lift should Angel’s chariot have conked out. Isn’t it great to be surrounded by lovely people?

* Rarely can a visitor to Spalding have had quite as amazing a reception as blues and soul singer Ruby Turner got when she performed in town on Friday.

Angel attended the sold-out show and for most of it, it was just like being in heaven as Turner rolled out one gospel song after another.

Judging by the encore and standing ovation she got, not to mention the show finishing 30 minutes later than planned, none of the 300-plus audience seemed to mind.

Angel thinks Turner will be back in Spalding very soon.

* Angel eavesdropped on a classic conversation in Sainsbury’s this week.

A proud chap spotted a friend behind the till and asked: “Did you know I’m a grandad again?”

The shop assistant stole his thunder a little by answering: “That’ll cost you.”

To which the proud grandfather replied: “Yes, she was 9st 4lb!”

* Favourite nephew visited Angel at the weekend and asked her to test him on his science spelling test.

She was quite happy to, but a little embarrassed when the test was about the reproductive system.

First spelling... sperm duct.