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News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian,, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian,, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
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Angel often has a little smile to herself when people confidently walk up to an entrance door and push instead of pull – or vice versa.

Getting it wrong, for some, seems to induce a massive loss of street cred and the occasional red flush to the face.

But it’s not always so. One of Angel’s pals cheerfully leapt into the revolving door at the South Holland Centre and tried to go round the wrong way.

She emerged with a big grin on her face.

* On that subject, do others, like Angel, find it strangely awkward to find themselves inadvertently trapped in the confines of the revolving door for the few seconds it takes to move people in or out of the building?

* Angel had noted some time ago that the cafe at the Red Lion Quarter in Spalding appeared to be open once more.

She ventured inside on Saturday and she and her friend were served by a very polite Boston College catering student with Cafe Direct Fairtrade coffee and cakes that had been made by some of the other students – and were very nice indeed.

Although it is probably heaving when the college is open, Angel and her friend had the comfortable sofas to themselves on Saturday.

* Angel believes spring may officially have arrived: not only has she seen daffodils in flower (in Pinchbeck) but she saw a bumble bee enjoying the sun outside the kitchen window on Friday.

* The good people who go to Spalding Baptist Church every Sunday have a wonderful tradition during their services of presenting birthday cards and sweets to anyone celebrating “many happy returns” during the week.

Angel was fortunate to join an almost full church for the momentous celebrations of Lilian Gale who turned 100 on Monday.

Instead of offering Lilian one choice from the children’s and adults’ sweet boxes, the rightly generous church minister, Rev Anthony Walker, said she was free to take “as many sweets as you like”.

Maybe that’s the secret to a long life, plenty of candy as they say in the USA.

* If Lilian Gale is looking for a place to work off all those extra calories, she could do a lot worse than trying to gate-crash a sold-out South Holland Centre where blues and soul diva Ruby Turner will be earning “just a little bit” of respect on Friday.

The UK’s answer to the legendary Aretha Franklin gave the Guardian a call on Monday and Angel was able to listen in to a conversation she had with one of the reporters she keeps under her wings.

Without spoiling the surprise audiences will have on Friday, Ruby will be ready to let her lungs go in Spalding. Angel will make sure of it.