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News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian,, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian,, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
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Why is it the humble umbrella is so ill equipped to cope when we get a downpour in a driving wind?

Angel and her colleagues watched from a lofty window at Guardian towers on Tuesday morning as people battled the elements ... and it was no surprise to find a discarded, wind-broken brolly in a litter bin a short time later in Hall Place.

If Angel had the technical know-how, she’d be making tracks for Dragons’ Den.

* Incidentally, Angel got caught out in that very rain storm and ended up a little soggy. However, later in the day she heard from a friend that she too was in the market place during the downpour, but she got caught out by what sounded like a sudden wind storm that sent everything flying – including a plastic item that struck her in the face, leaving her bruised. Ouch.

* Angel and ‘im indoors frequently walk along the banks of the Welland in Spalding and often make a point of walking near the “otter rests” in the hopes of spotting one of the shy mammals taking a little break from swimming. We were rather envious to learn that a neighbour had seen otters on the Welland, but then discovered where we were going wrong. He made his sighting at some ridiculously early hour of the morning when we were still tucked up in bed.

* Stuck behind a bus on London Road on Tuesday morning , Angel had to laugh at a sign painted on the back.

It read: “Air conditioned seatbelts fitted”! She thinks there should have been a full stop after “conditioned”!

* A friend of Angel’s is learning to drive and says she is very much looking forward to sounding her horn once she has won her licence.

However, said friend thinks there should be two sounds available on every hooter – one to signal a cheery hello and one to let another road user know they are an absolute idiot.

Good idea really.

* One of Angel’s nurse friends worked for a spell in A&E at Boston’s Pilgrim Hospital and spent many an hour using tweezers to pluck road grit out of motorcyclists’ torn-up knees when they had come off. Angel thinks of this almost every time she sees a biker wearing jeans – and would appeal to every parent to persuade their motorcycling offspring to invest in a decent set of leathers.

And do this please, not least, for the lad who was speeding along the A152 from Quadring to Gosberton the other morning in the wet, L-plates displayed and looking not at all safe.

* Another of Angel’s pals always looks forward to Valentine’s Day. Is it the roses? The chocolate? That lovely meal for two? Not a bit of it. It stays light until 5.30pm, which means spring is almost here.