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News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian,, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian,, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
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Angel’s festive reminiscences

Like most of you, Angel loves Christmas. She loves the family getting together, she loves the food and she loves giving and receiving presents.

But what she loves most of all in the Christmas Eve nativity. This year she went to Long Sutton’s St Mary’s Church, where lots of little wise men, angels and donkeys joined Mary, Joseph and Jesus for a warm, festive celebration.

* For Angel, there’s just one downside to the festive season and that’s the queues in all the shops during the pre-Christmas rush.

Angel almost lost her cool completely in Spalding’s WH Smith in the week before Christmas as the queue snaked halfway round the store. She was waiting patiently when she spotted a man, probably in his 70s, take one look at the queue and then saunter casually to the front and place his purchases on the counter.

When it was pointed out to him – by Angel – that there was a queue, he just turned to her and smirked in a way which clearly said: “So what, what are you going to do about it?”

And shame on the member of staff who just went ahead and served him. It just wasn’t in the spirit of Christmas.

* Angel felt sorry for a girl queuing in another Spalding shop on Friday, waiting to pay for a gift she had bought her father.

Being in the front of the queue Angel could not see the gift, but heard her remark to her boyfriend: “He won’t like it, he says I’m awful at buying presents.

“Last year I bought him “Find the Meerkat”... and he hasn’t even opened it yet.”

* The chances of South Holland being caught out by a white Christmas are slim, but it can happen as Angel can bare witness to.

In this particular year, Christmas Day was a mild and dry one as Angel watched over a reporter and their family tucking into their meal.

One of the family talked about going out for the evening to see friends, still thinking it was mild and dry.

But the conversation changed dramatically after Angel looked out the window and saw a near blizzard of snow putting pay to any plans to go out.

What made matters worse was that Angel was due to accompany the reporter to London on Boxing Day to watch a football match.

The best laid plans didn’t quite come off on that memorable Christmas night.

* Every year Angel makes a gingerbread house. She used to order one off the net and it came complete with all the sides and the roof, as well as icing pens, sweets and little people in Christmassy hats and scarves. This year a friend who was coming to Christmas dinner presented her with a kit – no people but with sweets and icing. Never having used an icing bag before, most of the contents landed on the floor or in the dog. Oops!