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News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian,, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian,, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
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We’ve heard of the three tenors, but Spalding went one better the other day as Angel was walking through town. There were not one, not two, but a total of three buskers in the town centre: an accordion player who is a regular on the street musical scene in town, a one-man band who was possibly making his very first appearance, and dear old David Lambretta, otherwise known as Dave the Furry Man. Angel feels it’s probably not necessary to be too specific about who was playing the best music.

* Has anyone else spotted – as Angel has recently whilst driving along the Crowland bypass – a number of buzzards sitting on roadside fence posts? It makes for a very interesting journey.

*Heard on a bus: that money found in the river must be the result of clumsy money laundering. . .

* Now you see them: Residents in Donington are getting increasingly convinced the sleepy little village is in a twilight zone. On a fortnightly visit to Corner House Flowers, Angel overheard yet another customer remark that the car park in the centre was full to bursting but there was no-one about. Whatever the reason, Angel is sure all the magic in Parkys Pranks couldn’t have anything to do with this one. Do you know where the drivers go?

* Well wheely: Angel’s wings took flight on three occasions this week when she was nearly run over by cyclists on the river back. Granted no-one is expecting to see her down there but lights might help. There was a particular near miss involving two riders side by side across the cycling and walking areas. They did apologise but one rode off chuntering that people should stick to the correct lane. He was in the walking lane!

* Angel loves to see kindness in action and there was no better example than at Spalding’s Remembrance Sunday service in Ayscoughfee Gardens. The grief was too much for one mum and her son as their tears freely rolled down their cheeks. Out of the crowd emerged a middle aged woman who pressed a new pack of tissues into the mum’s hand, turned on her heel and departed. There was nothing to be said and, in that silence, everything was said.

* Angel was sad to learn this week there are thieves who will steal from elderly people who often have all too little to celebrate in their lives. Our sister paper, the Lincolnshire Free Press, reported on the theft of some garden ornaments from the Brunlea residential home at Pinchbeck. The life-like birds and garden friends like hedgehogs were the residents’ pride and joy – and two very poorly residents used to love sitting by the dining room window to look out at them.