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News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian,, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian,, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
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Angel would never claim to be a follower of fashion, but sometimes can’t fail to notice the fashions worn by others... some more than others.

The whole wearing your jeans below your bottom was one that seemed particularly odd, especially because it meant the wearer was constantly hitching up the trousers – it must have felt as though they were falling down most of the time.

Angel thought that was one trend that had passed into history, until Saturday when she saw a young man revealing his underpants to the world.

Angel feels it’s definitely time to let that trend fade away.

* People living in South Holland are so lucky to have the Coronation Channel as a wonderful wildlife and walking area. How sad then to see what looked like an upright fridge-freezer dumped close to the water’s edge on Sunday.

The culprits must have worked hard to get it into its position: pity they didn’t put that same effort in taking it to the tip.

* Angel’s boss was amused on Tuesday while in the Nisa Late Shopper in Spalding’s Holbeach Road.

The man in front of him in the queue was buying 30 Lottery tickets and felt the need to explain he was head of a syndicate and didn’t have a “gambling problem”.

The editor was buying beer at lunchtime and he wasn’t embarrassed.

* Whilst on the subject of the Ed, he’s had a busy week socially, eating at two establishments he’d never previously visited.

Adventurous as ever, he went for the burger with chips at the Rising Sun in Gedney Drove End and the burger with...baked potato at Sutton Bridge’s The Anchor Inn.

Food, service, atmosphere and value was excellent in both... and both will get a return visit.

* A cheeky little rat has been keeping Angel amused along the river bank.

It seems to have taken up residence in the hole under one of the waste bins and can often be seen scurrying into the river.

It was slightly worrying when it decided to have a stand-off with Angel’s dog, but the busy little creature shot off before any harm was done.

In spite of many people keeping rats as pets these days, the sight of them still fills many of us with horror.

Only this summer there were warnings to swimmers in the river about the risk of catching Weil’s disease.

But it is said that they are more intelligent than a two-year-old child. Rats will learn a maze by trial and error, but once learned, (thanks to marking), they can repeat the maze with less or no error.

They also have impressive depth perception – so looks like we’ll be seeing them swimming along the river for some time to come.