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The latest news from our girl about town

Angel was very impressed to see how a council workman in Spalding cut the grass growing down the riverbank on Monday morning.

The clever chap had lowered the mower down to the bottom of the bank by tying a thick cord to it and was directing operations from above.

*Meanwhile, a fellow workman seemed to be blowing leaves along the river bank, presumably to tidy up and take away.

Who says the council doesn’t make an effort to keep our town clean and tidy?

*In preparation for the wonderful Two Lips ball on Saturday evening, Angel accompanied her friend to the new Bella Capelli in Sutton Bridge.

Lovely surroundings, lovely girls and lovely price too! Well worth a visit.

*Angel’s editor was in attendance at the Spalding Community Parade meeting at the South Holland Centre on Saturday morning and was very pleased to be accredited with saving the flower parade five years ago.

Only slight problem is, he wasn’t even working in Spalding then and was more concerned with the Rose Fair down the road in Wisbech.

*At the same meeting a chap who had clearly seen many a harvest, put his hand up to talk on behalf of the Young Farmers. “The rest of them are at another event,” he offered, almost apologetically.

*Like many of you, Angel is a keen gardener and is often delighted with the knowledgeable advice she receives at many of the fantastic small, independent nurseries around the area. She does have one small piece of advice for the nurseries themselves, however. Why not open after 5.30pm some evening (especially when it’s sunny) so that all us weekend gardeners can visit in the evenings if the mood takes us?

*Angel and her earthly partner have travelled aboard the water taxi between Spalding and Springfields on a number of occasions in the past and made our first trip of the season on Sunday, and it was delightful. For those who have never tried it, it’s a relaxing and interesting way to travel between the two points, and doesn’t cost a great deal.

*While waiting to board the taxi, Angel spotted a mother duck leading her brood of ducklings down Herring Lane towards the riverbank. It’s a hazardous crossing, but she accomplished it safely thanks to a driver who stopped to let them all pass. Wonder why we tend not to show such courtesy to pedestrians who saunter in front of our vehicles?

*Angel and her husband stuck their heads out of a bedroom window when they heard the distinctive sound of a Lancaster circling above their Spalding home on Saturday. It had apparently been at the Dambusters anniversary event at The Birds.