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The latest from our girl about town...

*Angel was surprised to see a swan persistently attacking one of a pair of muscovy ducks that have been making a home for themselves along the river near High Bridge in Spalding in recent months.

Whether they were invading the swan’s territory or the swan just took a dislike to the less common visitor is unclear, but an Internet search reveals it’s the muscovy that can be very mean so perhaps the swan was simply retaliating.

* The poor old Cancer Research shop in Spalding looks a very sad sight now it has lost four of the letters on its frontage.

It’s as if someone has asked: “In what way are you helping fight cancer?,” and the shop has answered: “, Research.”

* Angel, along with a host of other shoppers, observed and heard a policeman making checks against a youth’s ownership of a bicycle at the Swan Street level crossing on Tuesday.

Considering we are innocent until proven guilty though, you would have thought he could have pulled the lad away from the crowds to do his “walkie talkie” business, especially as he read out the his name for all to hear.

* With regular sports writer Andy Clucas on holiday this week the editor was struggling to get his head round the bowls and darts results... but his day was brightened by a Holbeach Pool League result sent in by The Bull Inn.

It included a small drawing of a cow, complete with “moo” in a little voice bubble.

Little things make the job more bearable.

* Angel’s wings were flapping nervously when she joined one of the Guardian’s theatre reviewers, Winston Brown, at South Holland Centre for Act II Theatre Company’s version of The Bible:The Complete Word of God (Abridged) on Friday.

She was ready to fly out of the arts venue in disgust if the young cast had strayed to close to the edge in their irreverent send-up of the Good Book.

But apart from an impromptu shower to illustrate the story of Noah and the Ark, Angel was suitably impressed by the 26 youngsters who were brilliantly directed by Karl Gernert.

It made Angel think of the Bible saying “suffer the little children.”

* Angel was recently talking to Museum Officer Julia Knight about that treasure in the midst of Spalding, Ayscoughfee Hall Museum, and was fascinated to learn about its long and varied history, from stately family house to home for Belgian prisoners of war in the First World War and its many other incarnations until today, when it is a fabulous museum telling the story not only of the house and its occupants but about local history and customs, such as wildfowling.