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Like many of you out there, Angel gets fed up of red tape, health and safety and all those silly EU regulations.

And while she understands there are many factors (such as the £200,000 in sponsorship and county grants that have been lost) that caused the Spalding Flower Parade to cease, she was dismayed to hear that some £40,000 had to be paid out for policing and barriers.

*On a similar subject, what is it with food labelling?! While preparing her favourite oaty breakfast cereal on Tuesday morning, which boasts on the packet that it “contains 98 per cent oats”, Angel came across another label on the box: “Warning: this cereal contains oats.”

Thanks for the warning.

*Angel enjoyed the flower parade along with thousands of you on Saturday, and she particularly liked the floats that had musicians on them.

Hopefully those good souls trying to organise something for 2014 to replace the flower parade will figure in some live musical entertainment to get young and old alike on their feet and dancing.

*Angel’s Flower Parade highlight had to be the little girl who missed the applause for her float from the VIP section because she had got off moments earlier to answer a call of nature.

The youngster ran past the various dignitaries to catch up with the float and received a special ovation all of her own. Bless.

*Saddest sight of flower parade day for Angel was an attractive young woman in town who had clearly had far too much to drink during the day and could barely stand.

*There was also a little bit of ‘barrier wars’ going on close to High Bridge where spectators became annoyed by the constant stream of people squeezing through a gap. It was finally resolved with a slight move of the barriers and harmony was restored.

*Lawn mowing became something of a spectator sport one fine, sunny day recently. The public gallery was munching sarnies and sipping cooling drinks near High Bridge when on the opposite side of the riverbank there were two chaps mowing the grass.

Each had a petrol lawn mower on a rope and skilfully ‘floated’ them this way and that, up and down and side to side to trim the grass. Angel expected applause to break out any moment.

*Angel tootled to see family in Bainton, near Stamford, on Monday morning and almost had the road to herself ... until she met a line of 40 cars driving towards Spalding. There was nothing in front of them and nothing behind them.

They must have thought it was a busy day.