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The latest news from our girl about town...

Angel heard about a nanna in Long Sutton who enjoys family fame as a very clever gardener.

Her grandson was utterly awed when his mum said: “Granny’s got frogs in her garden.”

And he asked: “How did granny grow frogs?”

* Last week Angel queried why wind turbines seem to not operate when it is really blowing hard. One of our users sent her a link that shows why!

*Workmen came to remove a very old toilet cistern from Guardian Towers this week... apparently it contained some asbestos. Once it was wrapped up and had all the various warning notes stuck to it, Angel asked one of the chaps how the asbestos is disposed of. “Not my worry love,” he said. “We just take it out and as long as it don’t hurt us we don’t worry.” You’d think he’d be curious though, wouldn’t you?

*Angel likes to reflect the lighter side of life in her weekly ramblings, but this week she heard of something deeply upsetting that she must share with readers, if only to decrease the likelihood of it happening again.

Angel’s Portugeuse friend was obviously distraught that her little girl was being bullied by a group of other girls at primary school. She was even more upset to find out the bullying was instigated by the group’s leader after overhearing comments made by her mother.

Now, everyone in South Holland seems to have a view on immigration, but I’m sure even those who are against it would be distressed to think that their words may be heard by their children and result in such abhorrent behaviour.

*Wednesday morning’s drive to work left Angel with two observations to share with colleagues.

1 – Was it really necessary for the JCB that drove at 10mph in front of her for ten minutes to have a “This is a slow vehicle” sticker on the back. That was apparent.

2 – Why do people who generally drive too fast slow down to just below 30mph when they approach speed cameras that are facing in the opposite direction?

*Angel’s sister went into hospital (not locally) recently for quite a serious operation.

She came around from her op to find a member of staff looking at her knee, marker pen in hand.

It turns out that someone else on the ward had the identical name and was about to be prepared for a knee replacement. Ouch!