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The latest observations from our girl about town...

Hurrah – Angel saw her first swifts at the weekend, admittedly in Suffolk on a short break.

* While in that lovely county, Angel noticed that residents are given small, green boxes so that food waste can be recycled by the council. What a brilliant idea – any chance in South Holland?

* Someone obviously decided to live dangerously on Friday when Angel spotted a car going over High Bridge in Spalding from the town side... just as traffic was approaching the bridge from the other side. Angel had visions of a standoff, with traffic on both sides refusing to budge, but thankfully good sense prevailed and the traffic kept moving.

* Spotted by Angel a week or so ago: the beautiful sight of a field full of daffodils just south of Spalding being cropped by a team of workers. As Angel drew alongside them there was a rather less lovely sight: the drain beside the field was absolutely full of discarded rubbish.

* Angel heard a lovely little St George’s Day anecdote on Tuesday.

Spalding Plant and Bulb Company managing director Adrian Nind gave every member of staff a red rose to celebrate the occasions, as he has done for many years.

The one exception is a lady from Yorkshire, who received a white rose. How lovely.

* Without wishing to fan the flames of an argument that has already been burning brightly in this area for years, Angel must put her twopenneth in on the subject of wind turbines.

There are six quite close to where she lives and she has no problem with them at all, apart from the fact that she questions there actual usefulness.

You see, the ones near her chug around nicely in the breeze but, as soon as a strong wind whips up, they don’t work at all, leaving Angel to assume they are switched off.

And also leaving her to ponder what would happen if they weren’t switched off. Would the blades fly across the countryside, destroying all in their path, or would the national grid blow up?

Hopefully someone in the know will fill her in.

* Angel loves the theatre and she loves children too, so she was obviously in her element when watching the youngsters from the Act Two group performing the musical Cats at the South Holland Centre in Spalding last weekend.

The singing, dancing and choreography was superb from this group of enthusiastic local youngsters, and it’s wonderful to see so many of them committed to filling their time in such a way.

And Angel had to smile at the end when a little girl told her: “I’ve got the DVD of the Andrew Lloyd Webber original at home...and the singing and dancing in that is even better!”