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More news from our girl about town

Angel was enjoying a scrumptious meal with friends at Spalding’s Tulip Tandoori restaurant on Wednesday evening when a waiter came out with one of those impressive, sizzling dishes... sizzling so much, in fact, that it set off the smoke alarm. Now that IS a hot dish.

*We all know the Long Sutton Butterfly and Wildlife Park closed for good in October last year, don’t we? Apparently not.

There’s still brown tourism signs on both approaches to Long Sutton and Angel feels sorry for any family passing through who might see the signs and follow them for a fun day out, only to arrive at a closed park.

Come on Lincolnshire County Council. These signs are hard for attractions to acquire but should be simple to take down.

nAs a former caravanner, Angel has a lot more patience on the road than many other motorists do when getting caught behind one of these holiday homes on wheels.

And now she has admiration too, as she saw three of them obviously on their way to bracing holiday resorts during her short journey from Long Sutton to Holbeach on Maundy Thursday. Brrrr.

*But wait... it seems no-one in South Holland is fazed by this freezing weather.

Angel was not happy having to work on Good Friday, but as she drove to Spalding in the snow, she was so impressed with what she saw at 8am... farm workers in fields, stock cars being towed to race meetings, car booters looking for a bargain.

Even those tucking into breakfast at a very busy McDonalds impressed her in a small way... Angel would not have been awake were she not summoned to the office.

*Angel’s beautiful Brasilian friend had her in stitches over an email last week.

The young South American lady’s spoken and written literal English is excellent, but she has not quite mastered our slang.

After a day on her feet walking around the shops, she was totally shattered and emailed Angel to say: “ I am completely naked!” Ooh err.

*Angel was proud to be from South Holland on Saturday night when she saw a large group of students from the area’s Backstage Academy perform the excellent Pharaoh’s Whisper at King’s Lynn Corn Exchange.

By the amazing finale, everyone had forgotten the sound problems right at the start of the show, but director Helen Weekley hadn’t, and she sent the beautiful, talented Gintare Auglyte back on stage to reduce the audience to tears with an amazing version of sixties ballad The End of the World.

*While driving to see the Backstage show, Angel was behind a particularly aptly-named driving instructor – Phil Patience!