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The latest news from our girl about town

Angel’s niece and nephew have been enjoying science week at Tydd St Mary primary school by dressing up as Star Wars characters this week... she wishes school was that fun when she went.

*Eight-year-old niece caused Angel to laugh this week, when looking at a picture of a lady sporting a face pack.

“What’s that for,” asked the little one.

“It’s to make her sking better,” replied Angel.

“Well, it’s not making her skin better,” chirped blondie. “It’s all brown and gooey.”

*While driving through Long Sutton on Tuesday afternoon, Angel saw a broken down bus on the back of a tow truck – definitely a sight to behold! And also very impressive that the aforementioned truck came from Tears in neighbouring Sutton Bridge.

*Angel was heartbroken to see a cat hit (accidentaly, he could do nothing about it) by a car in Whaplode on Friday evening... but delighted to see the cat limp away, and the driver do a U-turn and return to the scene at the first possible opportunity.

*Angel would like to thank the car park supervisor at Springfields Events Centre who saved her from total embarrassment after she forgot that paying to park at the out-of-town shopping centre is mandatory until 6pm.

We can only suspect that the torrential rain the weekend before last generated more than a touch of sympathy in the car park control room as Sunday shoppers struggled with their bags of clothes, jewellery and other items that they were too busy to buy during the week.

Anyway, Angel had parked up and collected her ticket as normal, visited several shops and came back to drive home - only to see a sign saying “Have you remembered to pay?”

Fortunately, the car park supervisor took pity on Angel’s plight and a special melody on the harp has been composed especially for them.

But it isn’t an episode Angel plans to put herself through again.

*The unexpected snow put paid to plans by Churches Together in Spalding District to march from Holland Market car park to St Mary and St Nicolas Church for a special Palm Sunday event.

But Angel was on hand to see organisers resort to Plan B – a march round the pews inside the church, with guests holding hand-made crucifixes.

As it turned out, it was a more than acceptable substitute for walking in the snow, rather than in the air as made famous by Raymond Briggs’ The Snowman.

The service itself was a rousing success, full of traditional hymns and more modern songs that made Angel’s wings sprout new and impressive feathers.

Thankfully, the prospects are better for Good Friday.