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The latest news from our girl about town

One little boy really amused the judges at the recent Spalding Flower Parade Prince and Princess judging.

Asked what it would mean to him to be 2013 Prince, he replied: “It would mean I get a new bike as a prize.”

He came second, bless him.

* Still on the subject of the parade, Angel’s editor reports that this year’s flower queen Inca Honnor is a really lovely young lady.

He is also very impressed that he middle name is Peekaboo. How cool!

* During the final judging at Ayscoughfee Hall last week, all five girls impressed.

Inca is already teaching dance at just 17, Shelley Wilson has had a book of her own poetry published, Rachel Perkins, at just 17, plays for the Spalding Ladies hockey first team and has set her sights on the 2016 Rio Olympic squad, Heather Turner is a young cancer fundraiser and Florence Butters won a national apprentice of the year competition and collected her prize from the House of Commons.

So despite all the doom and gloom often spouted about our lovely area, there really is hope for the future.

* Is Angel the last to notice that some of our local postmen appear to have switched from bikes to foot, pulling a very nifty trolley containing the letters behind them?

* Angel attended an event at the weekend where the Lincolnshire county anthem was sung.

She didn’t even know we had an anthem, but can now proudly sing some of the lines: “Success to every gentleman that lives in Lincolnshire

Success to every poacher that wants to sell a hare

Bad luck to every gamekeeper that will not sell his deer

Oh, ‘tis my delight on a shiny night in the season of the year.”

* Oh misery! Four weeks of delays at the Pinchbeck Road/West Elloe Avenue junction while gas pipes are renewed. Didn’t we all suffer enough last year?

* Angel now knows why motoring organisations always tell motorists to plan their jouneys before setting out after bumping into a far from helpful villager at the weekend.

Frampton Village Hall was the venue of an intimate jazz and piano show featuring London-based singer-songwriter Juliet Kelly and pianist Kate Williams.

Unfortunately, Angel drove straight past the hall and ended up deep in marshland before using her angelic wings to head in the opposite direction.

But not before encountering the door answerer from hell who, rather than point Angel in the direction of the hall, proceeded instead to wave his walking stick in a most unheavenly manner towards her and utter a few choice expletives in the process. No peace and goodwill in Frampton then.