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The latest news from our girl about town...

l The above moment was followed for Angel by the marvellous observation that there were daffodils in flower on the banks of the Welland close to the twin bridge roundabout. Hurray – spring is on the way!

l Has anyone else noticed that illuminated signs above shops and pubs seem to go out on a regular basis? The Ivy Wall in Spalding is currently something like, ‘he Ivy all’. There’s probably an anagram in there...

l Angel sends hearty congratulations to whoever was responsible for the re-thatching of The Ship at Pinchbeck. The pub looks really attractive now.

l Angel had to do a double take on her way into work along Commercial Road the other morning when she spotted an elderly gentleman sporting a rather fetching cape. Forget superhero and think Sherlock Holmes and you’ll get the picture. All that was missing was the deerstalker and pipe.

l Angel has a confession to make. While shopping in a pet store last week she placed several items on the counter including a bag of cat food. She cheerfully helped the assistant find the price label, which showed the food had been reduced from almost £20 to £16 – but was certainly a lot less helpful when she spotted that the cashier had only entered 16p into the till, obviously missing off the last two zeros.

She hastily handed over a £10 note for all her items and scurried out of the door clutching her knockdown booty. Not totally honest, but who wouldn’t have done the same?

l Angel isn’t quite sure what David Attenborough would make of this. Our girl about town heard a group of people chatting about badgers and one owned up: “The first badger I saw was alive ... for two seconds until I hit it in the car.”

l Dog poo seems to be a problem in quite a few areas of Sutton Bridge but it can only be stamped out if passers-by report errant owners, according to Coun Chris Brewis. He told the parish council: “The success of that is finding a dog with its trousers around its ankles.”

l Angel had a little smile to herself when she saw that Crowland Walking for Health Scheme has applied to the Spalding and District Round Table Smile Fund for £500 to hire a coach!

Fair play – it’s to get the walkers to where ever they are going to enjoy a good day out and a meal, but there’s definitely something ironic about it!