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More observations from our girl about town...

Angel understands that when the call went up, ‘Is there a doctor in the house?’ during Michael Portillo’s (very interesting, apparently) talk at South Holland Centre in Spalding on Friday, not one but three doctors leapt into action. If one is going to be taken ill when out and about it appears Spalding’s the place to do it. Angel wishes the gentleman involved a speedy recovery.

* Pizza eating schoolboys rounded on one of their classmates when he jettisoned some rubbish into the street in Winsover Road. “Put it in the bin”, they pleaded. Back came a pseudo philosophical argument from the said vandal who claimed: “I am creating jobs.” Not for street cleaners, Angel suspects, but maybe for the small army it will need to straighten out his head.

l Angel’s friend was telling her the other day how her three-year-old is always complimenting her on her hair and clothes, saying: ‘Mummy, I love your hair/dress etc”. But she was a little upset the other morning when her daughter took one look at her and said: “Mummy, I love your top . . . oh no, I don’t.”

Angel’s friend confessed she had dug the top out of the back of the wardrobe – she had obviously put it there for a reason.

* A bloke called Johnny cycling to raise cash for St Barnabas Hospice on a trainer at Sainsbury’s was certainly giving those pedals some welly as Angel went past and she felt sorry for him doing it all alone facing three hours yesterday, four today and four tomorrow. After walking round the store – especially anywhere near the chiller displays – she saw what’s in it for him. He’s the only member of Sainsbury’s staff who looks warm enough...

* Angel is loving all the hearts and flowers around town for Valentine’s Day – and signs of spring along the riverbank. But even there the course of true love doesn’t run smoothly. She was amused to see two pairs of ducks swimming along enjoying the sunshine (yes there has been some inbetween showers and sleet) when one of the females spotted a group of drakes in the distance. While the others veered off to the right, she headed towards the drakes. Her mate suddenly spotted she was missing and shot off after her like a bullet. No guessing what’s on their minds!

* Looking up from her keypad, Angel couldn’t fail to notice a blue carrier bag skip past her window in the breeze. It almost looked artistic as it danced in the air until it lost height and landed in a tree. It’s there now, stuck in the branches and towering over more piles of rubbish that people have dumped in the street. With all the empty plastic bags about maybe Spalding could hold a recycled plastic bag art festival to replace to flower parade. They are huge in the US!