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The latest observations from our girl about town...

Angel – and most people she talks to – were relieved when the snow finally melted. However, it did strike her that it’s a very odd situation when roads are treated to make them safe for cars, whereas pavements are allowed to turn into ice-rinks and it’s a case of pedestrian beware!

* On the same subject, did anyone else end up with creaky shoulders and back from tensing up to deal with those slippery pavements?

* Angel spotted what was either a very large television or an old-style computer monitor thrown into a dyke on the outskirts of Pinchbeck last weekend. It seems to Angel that it is in all of our interests to keep dykes clear to help prevent flooding – and it just seems such a lazy, careless and selfish way of dealing with waste and treating the countryside.

* Spotted: Angel was delighted to see snowdrops growing along the riverbank in Spalding when driving to work this week.

* South Holland’s outgoing chief executive Terry Huggins believes councillors will hardly notice the difference between himself and his temporary successor, Trevor Holden.

At his final council meeting, Mr Huggins told members: “We have somebody coming whose initials are T H and someone with the right haircut. If you can just persuade him to put on a few pounds of weight you probably won’t know the difference.”

* Angel is intrigued as to why the man from the Global Fruit and Veg shop in Spalding’s Francis Street has been wearing shorts and T-shirt all through the freezing snap, only to take to long trousers now the milder weather has set in. What is he like?

* Observed outside Sutton Bridge Co-op on Saturday evening. Teenager number one: “Are you going to have a house party?”

Teenager two: “Yeah, I’ll have it one the Friday night before we move out... then it won’t matter if it gets wrecked.” Charming.

* In a bid to quell the anger she gets from the utility companies’ automated telephone lines, Angel decided to try to do her business online this week.

She clicked on British gas’ “talk to us online” button and was greeted by an operator. A series of questions were then typed from British Gas and answered by Angel.

After about ten minutes of to-ing and fro-ing , the operator advised Angel to call the customer helpline. Arghh!

* Waiting her place in a long queue at Long Sutton post office on Tuesday, Angel noticed a TV screen displaying local adverts. With only two poor souls behind the counter, the queue was moving very slowly, leading Angel to think that any advertisers were certainly getting value for their money.