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The latest news from our girl about town...

Angel was awed by one of nature’s wonders near McDonald’s at Spalding the other day.

As diners munched away inside, there was a majestic harrier hovering outside intent on dinner from the field.

Similar and equally awe inspiring sights have been offered by bird visitors to the fast food chain at Long Sutton where ravens have been known to work in teams firstly to open the bins and then scavenge scraps.

*Being one of those unlucky souls who had to work on New Year’s Day, Angel stayed in on Monday evening and watched the celebrations on TV.

The spectacle at Trafalgar Square reminded her of last year when, watching at a friend’s house, the friend paused the TV at eight seconds to midnight in order to visit the loo... meaning there was a small part of England where the New Year was celebrated three minutes later than the rest.

*Angel was amused but the vicar probably less so, when she attended a beautiful Christmas Eve carol service.

The problem was, the less frequent church visitors were not sure when to stand up and when to sit down, meaning lots of anxious glances and a kind of opposite domino effect every time a hymn started.

*Talking of Christmas, Angel finds the alcohol sales laws on this day very frustrating. Sidestepping the debate as to whether they should be allowed to open at all, surely if they are open we shouldn’t have to wait until noon to purchase the bottle of wine we forgot for the meal at mum’s. But we do, because it’s the law.

*Angel took her five-year-old niece swimming over the festive holidays. When they got in the pool, the little girl dipped her toes in and said: “Exhilarating.” “That’s a great word, do you know what it means?” asked an impressed Angel. “No Auntie,” she replied. “I just heard someone say it when he got in the water on holiday and I thought it sounded nice.”

*Angel’s patience was a little frayed yesterday by a tractor driver on the A152 near Gosberton.

Not only did the tractor driver play South Holland’s favourite agricultural game – “How Many Cars Can I Collect Behind Me?” – but he did so on a dark and dismal rainy morning without a single light anywhere on his tractor or trailer.

*A stretch of the River Glen looked as though it had been decorated for Christmas when Angel took a walk over the festive period. It wasn’t a pretty sight though as the riverbank on the bends of the river as it entered Pinchbeck were littered with dozens of large plastic bottles. Angel wonders where they all came from.

*Is Angel alone in removing all signs of Christmas
BEFORE 12th night?