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Seasonal observations from our girl about town...

Angel wonders why so many residents of Spring Gardens, Spalding, tune in to the same radio station.

Our girl about town was wandering off home at 
teatime the other night and almost every house had “Rocking Around The Christmas Tree” emanating from their homes and she hardly missed a note of the song as she walked the entire length of the street.

It’s obviously a good place to be if you want to catch up on the radio without actually buying one.

*Christmas spirit was sadly lacking in the editorial department at Free Press Towers this year.

Apart from a few festive cards, Angel is sad to say there were no other signs of Christmas at all.

However the advertising floor made up for it with plenty of decorations and 
Christmas music. Maybe next year editorial should give advertising a run for their money!

*One of Angel’s friends was full of praise after a recent visit to “Slapding” panto Jack and the Beanstalk at the South Holland Centre.

Despite having to leave before the end because her two-year-old was terrified of the giant, it seems baddie Poison Ivy, whose evil cackle was a sound to behold, made a real impression – as did the Gangnam Style dancing scene with a panto cow.

Local panto – you just can’t beat it. Oh no you can’t!

*The same friend is currently suffering from a cold and it has inevitably made her breathing a little more – how shall we put it – “noisy” than usual. So she wasn’t 
too surprised, but still more than a little embarrassed, when she got woken up in the early hours by the same two-year-old hitting her over the head non-too gently, shouting ‘Mummy, stop snoring. I’m trying to sleep.”

*Angel tried to do some Christmas shopping of her own on Saturday, but she’ll have to walk round town in disguise over the next few days after deserting Spalding and taking a train ride to Lincoln instead.

But she soon learnt her lesson on arrival at Lincoln Central station when she discovered that to get to the exit, she had to walk through a crush with other passengers and over a railway bridge half the size of the one in Spalding.

Her day out in the county’s capital was made worse by persistent rain and the unwise move by East Midlands Trains to lay on just one carriage for the trip back to Spalding.

Angel felt sorry for the poor passenger with his bicycle at one of the stations who had no chance of boarding, with people standing in the aisle because all the seats were taken.

The moral of the story is - Shop Local for all your Christmas presents in 2013.