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The latest news from our girl about town

Angel has noticed a couple of restaurants have opened in Spalding in recent weeks and months and made a point of trying one of them – Mai Thai – and can report that the food is absolutely delicious. The busy wordsmith (with wings) has a few days off over the festive period so will hopefully find time to try the other, the Gurkha Oven.

*Angel spotted a road safety conscious Goth walking in Spalding on Monday morning – she was wearing a high vis jacket over her black clothing.

*Sympathy must go out to local sales assistants, who must surely hate having to trot out the same mantras every time someone goes in for a can of cola or a bar of soap.

I’m sure the shop assistant on Tuesday knew that the elderly lady ahead of Angel in the queue was not interested in “Tulisa’s new fragrance”, just as Angel didn’t want an all-in-one shaving system the other week.

*It was a dreary, damp and dismal morning yesterday as traffic followed a tractor with an extra long trailer along the main road at Surfleet. There was nothing on the trailer to warn drivers it was a very, very long vehicle and, of course, only one of the tiny back lights was illuminated.

Thankfully the right indicator was working when it turned off into a yard.

*Angel’s pals had their works Christmas party meal at a Spalding restaurant the other night. Things didn’t 
get off to a good start when the restaurant admitted it had lost their order for starters, mains and puds. One of the group skilfully negotiated a reduction in the overall cost.

That proves the old adage. It’s not so much things going wrong that matters but how you put things right.

*Angel was called upon to offer counselling to a Spalding Guardian reporter who had a sudden urge to eat heavily after visiting the Agape Care Foodbank at The Lighthouse Church in Haverfield Road. The overwhelming community response to individuals and families who find themselves in desperation at Christmas led to parts of the church being filled with boxes of mince pies, Christmas puddings, cakes and other festive treats that will turn a joyless Christmas into an unforgettable one. But even the most upright hack could be forgiven for having just a tinge of jealousy if they saw the boxes of food ready to be delivered to those needing it most in South Holland. Hundreds of needy people will indeed find out this Christmas that there is a Guardian Angel watching over them.

*Angel was a little perturbed in Birchgrove’s pet shop last week whenshe heard someone buying a hedgehog and two small crocodiles – until she realised they were animal-shaped dog treats.