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The latest news from our girl about town

*Angel was delighted to hear about the generosity shown to a Spalding Guardian reporter who covered a parish council meeting in Holbeach Hurn on Monday.

The reporter was stunned when a council member presented them with home-made lemon curd, complete with gold bow on top.

It just makes Angel wonder whether mince pies, a selection box or even a Christmas cake could be waiting for the reporter visiting Sutton Bridge Parish Council on Tuesday.

*Angel was rather enchanted by some more earthly little angels, performing in the nativity at Pinchbeck East Primary School on Tuesday. They were delightful, the rest of the cast superb – and as for the finale, Angel hasn’t heard better!

*Cyclists really are risking their lives by using the roads either with no lights on their bikes or with very faint lighting. Angel would urge all bike users to make sure they are seen at night!

*Talking of lights. Has anyone else noticed (as Angel has) how many vehicles seem to drive around with just one headlight working?

*Much as Angel loves to support her local shops, sometimes the high street just lacks that little something that a city can offer. So on receiving her new down-filled coat from an online city store, imagine her dismay when third time on it developed a hole in the sleeve. Thank heavens for Love 2 Sew @ Take 2 in the Crescent, who came to her rescue and in just a day mended it for far less than a trip back to the city store. Roll on snow!

*One of Angel’s busy mum friends has a little bossy-boots of a daughter but one with perfect taste.

The two-year-old was asked: “Would you like to help mummy put the star on the top of the Christmas tree?”

“No, mummy,” said toddler, firmly. “We are having an angel.”

Mum duly bowed to toddler’s wishes and an angel was installed.

Angel heartily approves.

*It ought to be easy to buy two matching lampshades, but it wasn’t for one of Angel’s friends. Said lady went to Homebase in Spalding and the first pair were faulty. Homebase changed them without a fuss. One of the second pair was faulty. Faulty one taken back. Faulty one bought in its place. A trip to Homebase at Boston solved it when equally friendly staff helped check every square inch of the shade. Angel’s friend hates to think about the petrol bill but her new shades look great.

*Angel received some stick from a couple of readers recently when she criticised umbrella users for not looking where they are going... but she will not bow down in her quest for sensible walking!

Youths with i-Pods, not looking where you are going, you have been warned!