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More observations from our girl about town...

nThe little girl of one of Angel’s friends had a nasty shock last week when her dad bought her a chocolate Nativity stocking. The youngster spat out the first sweet, only for her mum to realise it was a doggy stocking!

nA classic quote from Angel’s mum this week. As the two shared dinner, Angel senior sipped on a glass of water and exclaimed: “Oh, that’s lovely. I’d drink water every day if I could.”

nIt has come to Angel’s attention that the Sage in Spalding is open again for the day on Saturday as part of the town’s Christmas lights switch-on festival. Angel has mourned the closure of that lovely facility and so will be making sure she visits for mulled wine, cream tea – or both!

nAngel has also discovered that the former jewellery shop/Prior’s Oven bakery at the Hall Place/Sheep Market junction in Spalding will be displaying owls from the Exotic Pet Refuge on Saturday. It’s probably obvious where Angel will be spending her day!

nLooking for directions on where to pay your council tax bill or pick up a new roll of bin bags in Spalding?

Then you might be well advised to take a towel and a drink.

Anyone taking the sign pointing to “District Council Offices” (pictured) too literally might end up in a step class – in The Fitness Company in Spring Gardens!

Some wag obviously got their exercise in redirecting the sign.

nFinally for this week, Angel had to laugh when a press release popped into her inbox from Travelodge saying that any couples going by the name of Mary and Joseph can stay there for free during the 12 days of Christmas!