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More observations from our girl about town

nOne of Angel’s friends was driving to work on Friday morning when he saw a mother walking her young son to school in a dressing gown. At first he thought she must be a bit bonkers and then he felt sorry for the child assuming that the mother couldn’t afford a coat. He even considered offering her the cash to buy one. Angel is really glad he didn’t because she probably would have given him a piece of her mind (or worse) because it was obviously a Children in Need fundraising exercise!

nAngel is pleased to learn that Munro Medical Centre in Spalding, which previously used an expensive 0800 telephone number, has switched to a cheaper local number. She feels sure all the elderly people and young families who can ill afford to make costly phone calls will agree.

nHow lovely to see the friendly faces from the seeds and spices stall in Spalding Market at Stamford Market when Angel visited last week!

nDo people riding bicycles in the dark without lights think they are visible? Dark nights have arrived and Angel has already spotted a cyclist risking his safety by cycling on the road without lights and wearing dark clothing. Lights would seem to be inexpensive when contrasted with the horrible potential consequences.

nLocal MP John Hayes has been making the headlines lately over his views on green energy... but that wasn’t enough to impress a guest panellist on BBC’s Have I Got News For You.

nAngel’s editor is a regular visitor to local schools and on Friday was invited to a Question Time-style session at Long Sutton’s Peele Community College. The session had gone well and he was preparing to leave when the teacher said: “Any more questions?”, prompting one bright lad to ask: “Yes. Why did you want to see our questions in advance.”

nStrange sights may be par for the course around Spalding, but a man walking across Sheepmarket with a full bag of golf clubs still managed to “putt” a smile on Angel’s face when the thought popped into her head that perhaps he was heading into town for a “sand wedge” and a cup of “tee”.

nAngel will keep her nose out in the future after being glared at for advising a young man that the toddler with him couldn’t see where she was going as her hat had slipped right down over her eyes.