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We're heading for a car crash

Politics and Brexit are still part of the daily grind. Seems like we are all heading towards a slowly evolving car crash. Okay, there may be the prospect of a new car in the distance, but we need to avoid the many lamp posts on the way, and we may end up with an old Ford instead of the Mercedes that we have been used to. Some would say that’s okay but I am sure we are all going to have to get used to less choice and some of the finer things of life.

No deal would certainly cause a major upheaval and rethink for most of UK farming, that has been closely integrated with the EU for as long as we can remember. This has provided a very a reliable supply of food at a high standard and at very low cost. We are now being told that to counter unfavourable tariffs our industry would be directly compensated by more government handouts. Firstly, this is against WTO rules and we would not like to be put in a position to have to rely on yet another handout of support for our survival.

On the farm I think we are pleased to say, fingers crossed, crops look good and we are in for some good yields. We have seen weather extremes of dry and wet but they seem to have sort of cancelled each other out this year so far. I hope we continue to have a reasonable balance of dry for harvest and then some nice rains to aid the establishment of the autumn-sown crops.

The extremes may be part of the other contentious issue of climate change of which we have experts on both sides with lots of facts and figures seemingly proving all differing views. I think there are a few common sense factors that point to something is changing that’s being influenced by human activity such as the rapid release in the last 100 of years or so of millions of years of stored energy and the fact that with our car temperature readouts we notice how town and city temperature are always higher than open country due to heat being pumped out from central heating and air conditioning.

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